Martha Gerig


Martha Gerig works with coastal communities and businesses in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to apply science-based knowledge to address Great Lakes issues. She divides her time between Marquette and Delta county offices.

Martha’s focus areas include coastal resiliency, environmental change, and fisheries.

  • Ph.D., Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame
  • B.S., Environmental Science, University of Notre Dame
Professional experience
  • Extensive outreach and communications around freshwater resources and human impact in urban and rural communities.
  • Taught courses in stream ecology and biostatistics at the college level.
  • Conducted a watershed-based impact assessment of historical Wabash River basin floodplain restoration.
  • Collaborated with an international, interdisciplinary team to quantify the impact of land use on greenhouse gas emissions from two watersheds (Indiana, Michigan).
  • Measured the effect of restored floodplains as a nutrient runoff best management practice.
  • Extensive lab and field experience in the field of aquatic ecology, including fish and invertebrate population assessments, eDNA collection, large river water quality metrics, and habitat restoration.
  • Shogren, A.J., Tank, J.L., Rosi, E.J., Dee, M.M.*, Speir, S.L., Bolster, D., Egan, S.P. (2019). Transport and instream removal of the Cry1Ab protein from genetically engineered maize is mediated by biofilms in experimental streams. PLOS ONE 14(5): e0216481.
  • Hanrahan, B. R., Tank, J. L., Dee, M. M.*, Trentman, M. T., Berg, E. M., & McMillan, S. K. (2018). Restored floodplains enhance denitrification compared to naturalized floodplains in agricultural streams. Biogeochemistry, 1–19.
  • Marzadri, A., Dee, M. M.*, Tonina, D., Bellin, A., and Tank, J. L. (2017). Role of surface and subsurface processes in scaling N2O emissions along riverine networks. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 114 (17).
  • Reisinger, A. J, Tank, J. L. and Dee, M. M. (2016)*. Regional and seasonal variation in nutrient limitation of river biofilms. Freshwater Science 35: 474-489.

*Published as Dee

Martha Gerig

Martha Gerig

Extension Educator

Pronouns: she/her

(906) 315-2662

Michigan Sea Grant
MSU Extension Marquette County
184 US-41, Negaunee, MI 49866

MSU Extension Delta County
2840 College Ave, Escanaba, MI 49829