What: The North Central Regional Aquaculture Center (NCRAC) and the Aquaculture Associations of Indiana, Michigan and Ohio will host the 2014 North Central Aquaculture Conference Feb. 22-23 in Toledo, Ohio.
Where: The Hotel at the University of Toledo Medical Center
Cost: $75 before Feb. 14; $100 after, plus cost of hotel if needed.

The program features industry, academic and agency experts from across the Midwest, leading discussions in areas of fish/shrimp culture, nutrition, health, aquaponics, technology, laws and emerging issues and opportunities.

Objectives of the conference:

  • Provide relevant information for culture operations to positively enhance the economic bottom line.
  • Provide technology transfer of NCRAC funded research projects to the NCR  aquaculture community.
  • Provide networking opportunities between industry, aquaculture associations,  agencies, and academia to strengthen cooperation and advance NCR aquaculture.
  • Connect industry to the wide array of vendors available to support their culture operations.

For additional information on registering, check out the Event Details or contact Rob Dougherty at (641) 410-6707.