Michigan Sea Grant is looking for our next Extension program communications lead.

This position serves as a communications professional to the Michigan Sea Grant Extension Program, providing effective liaison with the communication staff at Michigan Sea Grant at University of Michigan, MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources/MSU Extension, and Michigan State University. Michigan Sea Grant College Program, a cooperative program of Michigan State University and the University of Michigan, helps to foster economic growth and conserve Michigan’s coastal and Great Lakes resources through education, research, and outreach. Sea Grant Extension Program staff are involved in planning, organizing, and implementing outreach and education programs that apply knowledge and understanding gained through research and stakeholder engagement.

Specific duties including, program planning and reporting; identifying of stakeholders issues, needs, and impact evaluation; producing key products; and representing the Sea Grant Extension Program and connecting with the field‐based Sea Grant Extension educators located throughout the State of Michigan and Great Lakes region.

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  • Strategic Communications Planning and Implementing – Oversee the development and implementation of a Sea Grant Extension Program communications strategic plan, in consultation with Michigan Sea Grant communicators at University of Michigan, ANR Communications/MSU Extension work teams and Sea Grant Extension Educators, and others; Identify opportunities to multi‐purpose communication products, performance metrics and measures, events, partnership, accomplishments, and impacts. Estimated time: 30%
  • Sea Grant Extension Program Planning and Reporting – Lead the development of Sea Grant Extension Program‐wide strategic planning and logic modeling in collaboration with field‐based Extension Educators, campus‐based University faculty and specialists, and external stakeholders; lead the development of the Sea Grant Extension proposals; lead efforts to report program performance measures, metrics, accomplishments, and impacts to MSU Extension, Sea Grant at the University of Michigan (that are then reported to NOAA National Sea Grant Office) and other entities; and other communication tasks as needed to support the Sea Grant Extension Program, its program coordinator, and the Michigan Sea Grant College Program. Estimated time: 25%
  • Identification of stakeholder issues, needs, and impact evaluation – Identify audiences, issues, information needs, and assist with impact evaluation; communicate with news media, as needed; and development of innovative, Extension‐based communications to support the Sea Grant role as reliable and trustworthy brokers of policy alternatives and science communication. Estimated time: 20%
  • Product development and publishing – Facilitating and editing Sea Grant Extension communication products and programs, and disseminating them the ANR Communications/MSU Extension, Michigan Sea Grant, Michigan State University or other websites; developing specialized products; utilization of innovative communications publishing, including development and use of dynamic social media; and providing advice to Sea Grant Extension staff on products and processes for effective, innovative Extension-based communications and educational programs. These tasks to be completed in consultation with University of Michigan Sea Grant communications staff and ANR communications staff Estimated time: 15%
  • Representing Sea Grant Extension Program – In collaboration with University of Michigan Sea Grant communications staff, engagement with National Sea Grant Communications Network, Great Lakes Sea Grant Networks, and other related professional associations, partners, and stakeholders; Work with the Sea Grant Extension Program Coordinator on specialized communications needs and program enhancement initiatives. Estimated time: 10%

Required Education/Experience/Skills

Knowledge equivalent to that which normally would be acquired by completing a four-­‐year college degree program in communications, English, professional or creative writing, journalism, telecommunications, marketing, public relations, adult learning, or related field; three years of related and progressively more responsible or expansive work experience in public and media relations, composing, editing and publication production; news, broadcasting, and print media, and/or marketing, advertising, and creative services; word processing; desktop publishing; web design; presentation; spreadsheet and/or database software; public presentation; or audio production; Experience developing and managing content for social media channels; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Desired Education/Experience/Skills

  • A self-starter whose strengths include problem solving, creative thinking, teamwork, attention to detail, and capability of working on several projects simultaneously in a deadline‐oriented environment;
  • Outstanding writing and editing skills;
  • Master’s degree in a communications, adult learning, or related field;
  • Exceptional organizational and networking skills to work with colleagues on and off‐campus, and with external partners and stakeholders;
  • Prior experience with outreach and engagement‐related communications and educational programming;
  • Prior experience with communications to support grants and contracts, including proposal development, preparing progress reports and performance metrics/measures, and writing accomplishments, impacts, and final reports;
  • Driver’s license;
  • Ability to travel to off‐campus locations (e.g., district Extension offices, community events, Great Lakes regional events, etc.) up to 25% of time;
  • Physical abilities related to lifting and transporting educational/outreach materials (e.g., books, booklets, brochures, etc.) or communications products (e.g., computer, projectors, camera, etc.); and Other skills, knowledge, and/or abilities to perform duties of the position (e.g., proficiency with communications‐related software).