Congratulations on completing this course! Although there are additional steps to achieve certification, you have accomplished a major requirement of the process.

Clean Marina Classroom Survey

Please complete the Clean Marina Classroom survey. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your honesty. With your help, we will gather information to fine-tune and improve the Classroom as we move forward. The survey will take about 20 minutes to complete.

Clean Marina Classroom Survey 

Certificate of Course Completion

To recognize successful completion of the Clean Marina Classroom, you will be sent a Certificate of Course Completion that recognizes your marina. You can continue to access the Clean Marina Classroom for one year following your registration date. We encourage you to check back in with the course, reviewing the material as needed during that year period.

Next Steps

If applicable, the Clean Marina program coordinator in your state will be notified that you have completed the course after your survey is submitted. You can proceed with the next steps, listed below, but if you need additional assistance or clarification, contact your state Clean Marina program for specific information.

Now that you’ve completed the initial steps in seeking certification, what’s left? The following is a general guide that outlines the typical certification progression. Certification procedures may vary in each state. Check with your state Clean Marina program for specifics.

  • Marina staff performs a self-evaluation using a Clean Marina certification checklist, in preparation for a site visit.
  • Marina operator contacts Clean Marina program to schedule a site visit of facility. Some states charge a fee for certification specialists to perform evaluations of marina facilities.
  • Certification specialist performs site visit and works with marina operator to complete certification checklist. Based on site visit, certification specialist may include recommendations for improvement (e.g., additional best practices to incorporate) by marina facility and will note this on the certification checklist.
  • Marina incorporates recommendations noted on certification checklist. Certification specialist sends final checklist to state Clean Marina program contact.
  • Clean Marina program reviewers recommend certification of marina facility after reviewing certification checklist.
  • Marina receives official notice of certification status and benefits as a certified Clean Marina. Insurance companies recognize Clean Marina certification as a marina industry standard and may offer discounts.
  • Certification typically lasts for several years, however, times vary. When the renewal date approaches, the Clean Marina program will send a reminder notice of recertification date to marina facility when it nears.