Media Kit

The Great Lakes are treasured resources, and regional Clean Marina programs contribute to the protection of water quality for the benefit of their state’s and the region’s economy, culture and future generations. As a member of the media, you have the power to help us explain what this program is and why it is important to the state’s economic and environmental landscape.

In an effort to help you pursue coverage of the Clean Marina Program, we’ve compiled relevant information here. This kit includes:

What is a Clean Marina Program?

State Clean Marina programs help marinas follow policies that ensure cleaner and safer operation. The overall aim is to promote environmentally sound marina and boating practices to reduce pollution, enhance fish and wildlife habitat, and protect Great Lakes water quality. Marina owners and operators can join the program by voluntarily pledging to put environmentally friendly best management practices into action. Marina operators follow a 10-step process to achieve certification, that includes completing an online course and a site visit from a Clean Marina certification specialist.

Why do I Care?

The program protects our waters while making local marinas more economically viable. Marinas deal with hazards and potential pollutants every day and are often the stewards of waterfront areas. So, whether you’re a boater, marina-goer or not, you have an investment in our water environment. Clean and healthy water is crucial to building and maintaining a high quality of life throughout your state and the Great Lakes basin. The Clean Marina program helps accomplish that by outlining a set of recommended and required best management practices (BMPs). Best management practices address a variety of things, like petroleum control and spill prevention, stormwater management and boat maintenance and repair — which are in everyone’s best interest.