National Clean Marina Initiative

Though Clean Marina programs are typically state based, there is a national interest in the programs.

Individual state Clean Marina programs may satisfy the requirements of the State Coastal Nonpoint Control Program. By committing to implement the marina management measures required by the joint NOAA and EPA program, programs may be eligible for coastal program funding.

From Their Perspective

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is jointly responsible for administering the Coastal Nonpoint Control Program with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which plays an important role in protecting coastal waters from polluted runoff. The Coastal Nonpoint Program establishes a consistent set of management measures for all coastal states to use in controlling nonpoint source pollution. Management measures are designed to prevent or reduce runoff from a variety of sources, including marinas.

NOAA recognizes that the Clean Marina Initiative can serve a valuable role in protecting coastal waters from nonpoint source pollution and has promoted the program as a way for states to meet many of the marina management measure requirements under the Coastal Nonpoint Program. As a result, the Coastal Nonpoint Program has been responsible for driving the development of most of the state Clean Marina Programs existing today and developing a national interest in the Initiative.

For more information, see: Cleaning Up Marinas: The Clean Marina Program (NOAA)