The call for abstracts has ended

Please come join our exciting program of over 220 presentations within 16 topical symposia, a dedicated evening poster session and 4 outstanding plenary speakers. Additional events include a BBQ picnic social and an Awards Banquet.

There is no separate fee associated with the submission. Once received, your abstract will be reviewed by the Program Chairs and then forwarded to Session Chairs of the session you selected as your first choice. If the Session Chairs decide it is not an appropriate fit, the Program Chairs will forward it to the chairs of your second choice (and third choice if needed). Should none of your three selected sessions choose to include your presentation, it will be included in Session 18: General Submissions.

You will be notified once your abstract has been approved and assigned into a Session. Subsequently, the Session Chairs will provide further details on the date and time of your presentation and the names of other presenters within your session.

Please note, the final inclusion of your presentation into the conference program is contingent upon you completing registration before May 15, 2024.


Abstracts should describe results and the relevance of the work or research being done, clearly addressing its implications for advancing collective knowledge or the effectiveness of policy.

Please write your abstract for a general audience and note the following limits:

  • Title: 15 words/100 characters
  • Abstract body: 250 words (limit to one paragraph)
  • Presentation /Timeslot Length: 20 minutes

Presenters may submit more than one abstract, however, if the session for your second submission has more requests than available time slots we would ask you to either consider moving your presentation to a poster or moving to an open session.

This will be an in-person event only.

ICBF Outstanding Student Merit Award 

Each meeting, ICBF honors outstanding student oral and poster presentations with the Outstanding Student Merit Award. Students should indicate their interest in being included in the judging on the Registration or Abstract Form.

If you are interested in being a judge, please indicate such on the Registration form or email ICBF-2024@umich.edu


Seventeen subject matter symposia have been compiled for this Congress along with a general session and poster session.

  1. Climate change and urbanization: are we changing the planet to benefit the wrong fish?
  2. Sensing the Environment: Fish sensory systems in a changing sensory environment; integrating sensory systems and sensory modality trade-offs under altered sensory scenes
  3. Ion and Acid-Base Regulation in Fish
  4. Fish Nutritional Physiology: From Evolution to Application and in Between
  5. The Science of Fish Welfare
  6. The Physiology and Control of Invasive Fish Species
  7. Conservation Physiology in Action: From Science to Practice and Policy
  8. Environmental Modulation of the Stress Response
  9. Sub-lethal impacts of environmental stressors on fishes: when and why are fish vulnerable
  10. The Physiology, Biology and Ecology of Polar Fish
  11. Extended specimens in museum-based fish research
  12. Ancient models in comparative physiology: Agnathan and chondrichthyan fishes
  13. 8th International Symposium on Burbot
  14. Impacts of a Warming World on Behavior and Physiology
  15. Tropical Fishes: Past, present, and Future Challenges
  16. Stress Endocrinology: Perception, Mechanisms, and Coping
  17. Current Trends in Growth and Metabolism of Fishes
  18. General Symposia