Ideal Clean Marina Virtual Reality Tour

Additional links or “hotspots” will be added to the initial 3D model to allow for expanded use of this virtual experience to include videos, imagery from real marinas, and factsheets with further information on the green infrastructure and best management practices.

Along with the Interactive Ideal Clean Marina Map being hosted on the website, text hyperlinks and QR codes will be created to educate onsite at marinas or placed on other websites and educational outreach materials.

The Ideal Clean Marina project was initiated through a Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) grant to the Ohio Clean Marinas Program, with support through a second GLRI grant awarded to Michigan Sea Grant and ongoing collaboration with the Green Infrastructure at Great Lakes Marinas project funded by the Great Lakes Protection Fund. Matching funds for both projects were provided by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. While this architectural rendering and virtual reality tour were modeled after Ohio’s Clean Marina Program checklist, many of the practices apply on a regional scale.