Clean Marina Stormwater Best Management Practices

The following practices are adapted from the Great Lakes Clean Marina Best Management Practices Guide, or the Online Clean Marina Classroom.

  • Stormwater Permit
    • If applicable, obtain the required stormwater permits for your facility. Please consult your state regulatory agencies to determine state specific mandatory requirements.
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
    • If required, develop a stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP). If a SWPPP is not required, we recommend you develop a stormwater information map. See the Resources tab for example SWPPPs.
  • Stormwater Management Structures
    • Implement and maintain stormwater management structures that are appropriate for your property (e.g., bioretention and infiltration areas, retention and extended detention basins/ponds, constructed stormwater wetlands, sand filters, grassed swales, vegetated filter strip). See the Resources tab for example Operation and Maintenance plans.
  • Stormwater Site Management
    • Design your facility to collect, infiltrate, and/or treat stormwater runoff. See the Ideal Clean Marina Virtual Reality Tour for some ideas.
  • Vegetation
    • Maintain vegetated drainage areas and retain vegetated buffers along the waterfront. Position downspouts to drain to vegetated areas and use grassed swales to facilitate stormwater infiltration. See the Green Infrastructure Comparison Table to help decide which vegetation practices may work best at your facility.
  • Paving/Impervious Surfaces
    • Minimize the amount of impervious surface by only paving necessary areas or using pervious pavers. See the Green Infrastructure Comparison Table for more details on permeable pavement.
  • Storage, Maintenance, and Cleaning Areas
    • Where maintenance and cleaning activities take place on impervious surfaces, direct runoff from these areas away from the waterfront and storm drains and onto vegetated areas. Use the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan templates in the Resources tab to help map out your activities and determine good housekeeping best practices.
  • Drain Labeling
    • Stencil or label storm drains with a “No Dumping, Drains to Lake (River)” message. Contact your local Clean Marina Specialist or Soil and Water Conservation District for more details.