Welcome to the Clean Marina Classroom — an online course for marina owners and operators interested in pursuing Clean Marina certification. The Clean Marina Classroom focuses on best management practices for marina managers and operators to protect water quality. This self-paced course includes checklists, educational units and a review of relevant laws and regulations that address pollution prevention. Completing the Classroom is a key part in becoming certified.

Marina operators in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and other states have used this resource to complete the training requirement for certification.

What to Expect From the Online Classroom

The Clean Marina Classroom consists of nine units that focus on various aspects of marina operation or maintenance. Each unit outlines best management practices (BMPs) and practical ways to implement them. Participants work through each unit, exploring the legal setting and BMPs, while consulting their state-specific checklist throughout.

Michigan Clean Marina Certification Guide cover imageThroughout the course, BMPs from the Great Lakes Clean Marina Best Management Practice Guide (BMP Guide) are indicated with a Regional Best Management Practicessymbol. The BMP Guide consists of an inventory of common marina and boatyard best management practices used in the certification-based Clean Marina programs in the Great Lakes States. As you go through each section of this course considering which BMPs to implement at your marina, pay special attention to the BMPs with the green checkmark symbol; they are a good starting point.

The State Laws pages provide links and important information regarding laws and practices of each state. The Federal Laws page provides an overview of major federal laws that apply to marina operations and maintenance. The Resources & Tools page contains state-specific checklists, videos, the glossary and tip sheets. At the end of each unit, best management practices and major points are highlighted in a unit review.

To organize documents related to your Classroom training, you may want to create binder to assist you in organization of the materials pertaining to your certification effort. For example, the Michigan Clean Marina Program provides operators with a binder that includes tabs corresponding to each section of our checklist.