Marina Management and Boater Education

Unit 8CMP Boater Education

Once you have adopted some of the best management practices outlined in this Classroom, tell people about it! Train your staff and educate your patrons so that they will understand their role in water quality and minimizing pollution.

Let contractors know that you expect them to work within the practices you have committed to as a certified Clean Marina. Inform boaters how their actions can affect the health of the ecosystem. Also, let the public know that you are doing your part to protect the environment.

Best Management Practices

This Unit includes two sections of best management practices (BMPs) and a unit review. Note: There are no legal or regulatory requirements for this Unit.

First, the Staff Training and Business Practices section outlines best management practices for internal operations. The Boater Education and Public Relations section provides BMPs for relaying information to your patrons and publicizing your efforts. The following list provides an outline of best management practices that you will see in each section.

Section 1: Staff Training and Business Practice

  • Staff training
  • Consider course or workshop offerings
  • Maintain training records
  • Be watchful for pollution incidents in your marina
  • Incorporate BMPs into contracts
  • Approach polluters
  • Consider fee language

Section 2: Boater Education and Public Relations

  • Post signs describing BMPs
  • Distribute clean boating information to boaters
  • Offer environmental reviews and safety checks for boaters
  • Host a workshop on clean boating practices
  • Recognize boaters
  • Publicize your good deeds
  • Become a certified Clean Marina

Unit Review

Legal Setting

There are no legal or regulatory notes for this Unit.

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