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This training course is to assist marina operators in implementing best management practices and, ultimately, in achieving Clean Marina certification.

Each Unit addresses a specific topic related to marina operations and maintenance. They are broken into sections, which include: best management practices and information on how to carry them out; a linked glossary highlighting both regulatory and environmental terms; photographs of best management practices and equipment; legal settings related to the topic; and a Unit Review.

There are ten Units in the course:

1: Siting Considerations and Marina Design
2: Marina Facilities and Habitat
3: Stormwater Management
4: Boat Maintenance and Repair
5: Petroleum Control
6: Sewage Handling
7: Waste Management and Recycling
8: Marina Management and Boater Education
9: Aquatic Invasive Species Education
10: Increasing Resilience

How to Proceed

As you work through the course Units, refer to your state’s Clean Marina Checklist. The content in every Unit is directly related to the mandatory and recommended items on the Checklist. While the Units are set up in a particular order, the benefit of working at your own pace and having access to course at all times means you can work through the course in a way that best fits you.

The time it takes to complete this course varies with each participant. Some participants may complete the course in several weeks, while others may progress through the content much slower.

Because the Clean Marina Program is voluntary, this online course is not graded in the traditional sense. However, it is helpful to read each Unit landing page as well as the Learning Objectives at the start of each Section, and then complete the Unit Review after reading through the BMPs.