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Unit 2

Land management decisions, operating procedures, and maintenance activities may all contribute to — or detract from — the quality of the land and water surrounding your marina. Marinas and harbors serve as the gateway between water and land. Decisions on how to maintain waterfront property have a direct impact on the adjoining waterway.

There are many opportunities to incorporate Clean Marina principles at your facility. Adoption of best management practices allows you to make the best use of the natural features surrounding your marina, while conserving natural resources like water and native plants and animals.

Best Management Practices and Legal Setting

This Unit includes two sections of best management practices, an overview of the legal setting, and a Unit Review. Best management practices (BMPs) cover marina facilities, protection of sensitive areas, and creation of habitat areas. The following list provides an outline of BMPs you will find within each section.

Section 1: Landscape Design and Grounds Maintenance

  • Minimize paved areas
  • Use upland and inland areas
  • Expand upward
  • Conserve sensitive land
  • Practice water conservation through landscaping practices
  • Adopt Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices

Section 2: Creating Habitat Areas

  • Maintain and/or develop vegetated areas
  • Habitat enhancement

Unit Review

Legal Setting

Before reviewing the best management practices, please take a few moments to review the legal setting for marina site selection. This overview of federal laws and regulations provides you with a basis of understanding. It is a starting point; however, it is not a complete reference. Please consult your state officials for complete requirements. Also, see: State Laws page for your state.

Erosion Control Permits

Consult with local and state permitting authorities for sediment control requirements. For more information see the Stormwater Management Unit.

Pesticide Application

Ensure your staff members have appropriate training and licenses to apply pesticides. For more information, see: Certification and Training of Pesticide Applicators (EPA).

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