Since 1994, public and private marinas in Michigan have had access to funding for new pumpout and dump stations or to upgrade their existing facilities under the Clean Vessel Act (CVA) Michigan Boating Pumpout Grant Program, a federally subsidized, grant-in-aid program. This program was created through enactment of the Federal Clean Vessel Act (Public Law 102-587, Subtitle F) of 1992, and is administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) through state agencies. The act authorized the USFWS to make grants to states to construct/renovate pumpouts and dump stations and for implementing associated education programs.

Funding for the Michigan Boating Pumpout Grant Program comes from the Sport Fish Restoration account of the Aquatic Resources Trust Fund, commonly known as the Wallop-Breaux Fund. In conjunction with the grant program, participating coastal states conduct a comprehensive survey and plan to determine existing capabilities of recreational boating facilities for marina sewage waste disposal. It also provides information needed to evaluate current and projected market needs in order to upgrade and expand availability of pumpouts and dump stations. 

All pumpouts and dump stations provided for under the Michigan Boating Pumpout Grant Program are available for public use. A list of all marinas receiving grants, for the installation of pumpouts or dump stations is available by contacting the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. 

In mid-2020, the Michigan DNR, Grants Management Section, and Michigan Sea Grant (MISG)  agreed to collaborate on administration of the Michigan Boating Pumpout Grant Program. MISG has a long-standing and successful partnership with the MDNR on coastal research projects and outreach and educational programming with Sea Grant Extension Educators. MISG is also a lead partner in a cooperative effort with the Michigan Boating Industries Association and the Michigan Coastal Management Program to coordinate and manage the Michigan Clean Marina Program. 

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