Great Lakes Clean Marina Mission Statement

The mission of the Great Lakes Clean Marina Network is to ensure that quality of life, economic prosperity and environmental quality are achieved in the Great Lakes Region by increasing participation in Clean Marina efforts.

The Network consists of representatives from private industry, government agencies, universities and non-profit organizations that desire to share knowledge and other resources that promote environmentally sound, economically feasible practices that protect the Great Lakes and support the boating industry.

The Network’s mission will be completed through the leadership of a core group of individuals who are directly involved in their state’s Clean Marina program or clean marina efforts. As programs differ from state to state, this could include:

  • Program coordinators or state Clean Marina committee members from marine / boating trade associations, universities or state agencies.
  • Other trade association employees, university educators or state agents that play a significant role in assisting marina operators in Clean Marina efforts, either directly through site visits or indirectly through developing educational materials.

The core team will be responsible for:

  • Organizing quarterly conference calls with all members of the Network.
  • Updating other team members on major changes to their state’s Clean Marina program and efforts.
  • Mentoring other team members from developing Clean Marina programs.
  • Recruiting members to the Network and maintaining relationships with members from their state.
  • Directly participating in annual maintenance of online tools; this includes the Clean Marina Classroom, Great Lakes Marinas Best Management Practice Guide, online brochures, sample signage, etc. Direct participation can include personal expertise and/or identifying a state expert and coordinating annual maintenance with him/her.
  • Identifying incentives within their respective state that could be shared with other programs to increase participation in Clean Marina efforts.