As participants in a Clean Marina program, marinas and boatyards voluntarily pledge to maintain and improve Great Lakes waterways by reducing or eliminating releases of harmful substances and phasing out practices that can damage aquatic environments. In order to receive certification as a Clean Marina, participants need to complete training, a self-evaluation checklist and a site visit. Once certified, marinas continue to strive for improvements in daily environmental stewardship practices.

Certification procedures may vary in each state, so it is important to check with your state’s Clean Marina program for more specific information.

General Steps to Certification

The following is a summary of certification steps. Certification procedures may vary in each state. Check with your state’s Clean Marina program for more specific information.

  1. Marina operator contacts a Clean Marina representative. See list of Clean Marina programs at the Association of Marina Industries website.
  2. Marina operator enrolls in program and signs pledge statement to begin participation.
  3. Marina operator enrolls in and completes training; options may include an in-person workshop and/or online Clean Marina Classroom. Some Clean Marina programs offer online training only.
  4. Marina staff performs self-evaluation using a Clean Marina certification checklist, in preparation for a site visit.
  5. Marina operator contacts Clean Marina program to schedule a site visit of facility. Some states charge a fee for certification specialists to perform evaluations of marina facilities.
  6. Certification specialist performs site visit and works with marina operator to complete certification checklist. Based on site visit, certification specialist may include recommendations for improvement (e.g., additional best practices) by marina facility and will note this on the certification checklist.
  7. Marina incorporates recommendations noted on certification checklist. Certification specialist sends final checklist to Clean Marina program.
  8. Clean Marina Program recommends certification of marina facility after reviewing certification checklist.
  9. Marina receives official notice of certification status and benefits as a certified Clean Marina.  Insurance companies recognize Clean Marina certification as a marina industry standard and may offer discounts.
  10. Clean Marina program representatives will send a reminder notice of recertification date to marina facility when it nears.