The Great Lakes Clean Marina Network is a group of Great Lakes marina and boatyard stakeholders brought together through the Green Marina Education and Outreach project. This strategic collaboration between Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin Sea Grant programs was developed to support education and outreach efforts across the Great Lakes. The project was funded by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

As part of the project and, now through the continuation of the Network, participants work with technical experts and outreach professionals to find common ground on best practices and certification criteria for marinas. Engaging local, regional and national organizations to help sustain ongoing training and continuous improvement of certified marinas is a priority.

Why have a Network?

Network activities support and improve existing Clean Marina programs and will help increase participation in education that leads to certification. The Network will continue to support educational opportunities including in-person workshops, as well as online training and webinars for marina operators.

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