Aquatic Invasive Species: Management at Great Lakes Marinas

A Clean Marina Webinar, supported by the Great Lakes Green Marina Education and Outreach Project
This webinar, held November 7, 2012, provided an overview of aquatic invasive species management and requirements in the Great Lakes states and provided a forum for discussion among representatives from both public and private sectors. See below for electronic documents of each presentation.

Webinar Recording

We have provided an archival recording of this webinar. It is our recommendation to stream the recording (i.e., select “playback” versus “download”) due to file size. Before advancing to a specific presentation you must allow the entire file to buffer. Start times for each presentation are included below.


Clean Marina programs are part of a national initiative to voluntarily engage marinas and boatyards in management practices that improve water quality, reduce environmental risk to people and aquatic life, and protect the water resources that sustain the boating industry.