Congratulations on your success as a Certified Clean Marina and for promoting best management practices to protect water quality. You and your facility are part of a statewide, regional and national network of Clean Marinas recognized as exemplary environmental stewards. The process for recertification involves several steps:

  1. Contact Jessica Baker, at Michigan Boating Industries Association,
  2. Complete and submit your pledge statement (on registration form) to continue Clean Marina efforts.
  3. Review prior certification checklists and the Clean Marina Resource Guide before completing the Certification Checklist.
  4. Complete the Certification Checklist and work with your Certification Specialist if you have any questions about the format and best management practices. Certification Specialists will use the same form to assess your readiness for recertification.
  5. Once recertified, fly your new Clean Marina flag and let your boaters know of your continued efforts to keep the Great Lakes clean.

How much does it cost to recertify?

Fees cover the following components:

  • Site visits with Certification Specialist
  • Benefits – including access to updated materials, new discounts, and a brand new flag

Note: Recertification occurs at the third-year anniversary from the initial certification, and then every five years. You will receive a notice of recertification in advance of your anniversary date. Total: $600