Certification webinar and Q&A session, December 2020:

About the Program

Considering Clean Marina certification? A review of the benefits of certification and an overview of the Resource Guide might help you decide.

Certified operators are also awarded access to electronic materials including the Clean Marina logo, advertisement templates and more. Please contact to gain access to these materials.

Certification Documents

Certification Binder and Sample Contract Language

The Michigan Clean Marina Program provides participants with a template binder to store certification materials. Tabs in the binder are numerically matched to sections of the Certification Checklist.

For an example of a completed binder, please see:

For an example of Clean Marina approved contract language, please see the Resources provided in the Clean Marina Resource Guide.

Great Lakes Best Management Practices Guide

This guide was produced to include new best management practices related to coastal resilience and other topics. It was produced in collaboration with marina operators, representatives from regulatory agencies, and others.

Clean Marina Stormwater Toolkit
Clean Marina Stormwater Toolkit

Imagine all of the services and activities that happen at your marina. Many of them — boat maintenance, chemical and fuel storage, bottom washing — produce dust, debris, and drips that fall to the ground with contaminants like heavy metals and oil. Eventually all these pollutants end up in the lake untreated via the storm drain with no benefit to the marina or water quality.

Marinas offer a “last chance” opportunity to treat and manage stormwater runoff before it enters the Great Lakes. Clean Marina Programs provide education and technical assistance to help marinas implement stormwater improvements to keep our lakes clean. And we all know that clean lakes are good for business! Use this toolkit to improve your marina’s green infrastructure and the Great Lakes.

Shrink-wrap Recycling Program

This program provides boaters and marina operators with a cost-effective, environmentally friendly option for disposal of shrink-wrap.

Recycled Materials Market Directory (RMMD)

The Recycled Materials Market Directory is an online directory that helps connect businesses looking to recycle a wide variety of materials generated through their operations with recycling organizations near them that accept those materials. Businesses can search the directory for the material they are looking to recycle (office supplies, batteries, etc.).


TerraCycle is an innovative recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling hard-to-recycle materials. They offer a range of free programs, as well as recycling solutions available for purchase for almost every form of waste. 

Discounts for Certified Clean Marinas

A number of discounts are available to certified Clean Marinas. For a complete list of all Certified Clean Marina Discounts contact Danielle Fahim at

Clean Boating Educational Resources

Part of being a certified Clean Marina is sharing clean boating information with boaters. The following educational “rack cards” were developed to share information with boaters in a brief, colorful format (PDFs).

Clean Marina Tip Sheets

These tip sheets can help relay Clean Marina and resilience best practices to your staff and boaters (PDFs).

Climate and Weather

Increasing intensity and frequency of storms, variable lake levels and related dredging needs are perennial issues for many marinas.

Regional Collaboration

The Great Lakes Clean Marina Network is a collaborative forum for Clean Marina programs in our region. Please visit the website to find recorded educational presentations and additional program resource material. See: Great Lakes Clean Marina Network

For the Media

This kit is for members of the media. The components provide an overview of the program and its positive impact on Michigan waterfronts, communities and the environment.

Reasons to cover the Clean Marina program

  • It’s easy. A variety of background pieces are included on this page.
  • Clean Marina program is an under-reported story.
  • It’s a great seasonal story or something to keep in the coffers.

Media Kit Contents

Clean Marina Program at a Glance

  • Voluntary training and certification program for marinas.
  • Clean Marinas put environmentally friendly practices into action.
  • Owner/operators follow 10 steps, including completing an online course.
  • More than 50 marinas in Michigan are certified.
  • Michigan, one of first states to have a program, is leading a regional Clean Marina effort.

Thank you for your time and consideration. When you do provide coverage of this program, please contact