10 Steps to Certification

  • Marina contacts a Michigan Clean Marina representative.
  • Marina enrolls in program through Clean Marina website, signs pledge statement, pays training fee, and begins self-paced training program (Clean Marina Classroom).
  • Marina completes Clean Marina Classroom training and receives classroom certificate from Michigan Sea Grant.
  • Marina performs self-evaluation using Clean Marina certification checklist form and sends a copy to Michigan Boating Industries Association (MBIA).
  • Marina contacts MBIA to schedule a site visit and pays fee for Clean Marina certification specialist to perform an evaluation of the facility.
  • Certification specialist completes a final checklist and may include specific recommendations for the marina operator to address before submitting certification forms to MBIA.
  • Marina incorporates recommendations from certification specialist noted on checklist. Certification specialist sends final checklist to MBIA, along with photos and other supplemental forms.
  • Clean Marina Operations Committee recommends certification after reviewing checklist and certification specialist’s recommendations. The Clean Marina Foundation reviews the recommendations and approves certification.
  • Marina receives official notice of certification and benefits as a certified Michigan Clean Marina from MBIA (certificate, Clean Marina flag, etc.).
  • Recertification at the third-year anniversary, and then every five years. Marinas will receive a reminder notice of recertification renewal date from MBIA.
  • 10 Steps to become a Clean Marina (PDF)

Learn more about the Clean Marina Classroom.