Advisory Committee

The Michigan Sea Grant Advisory Committee provides advice, guidance, and feedback on existing and future programs. The committee members, which include key stakeholders and university administrators, serve as program advocates. The committee members identify opportunities for collaboration and support, particularly with state and federal agencies and legislators, both within and outside of their organizations. Members serve one- to three-year terms that are renewable.

2019 Advisory Committee members

  • Douglas Gage, Co-chair, Michigan State University, Assistant Vice President
  • Brad Orr, Co-chair, University of Michigan, Associate Vice President for Research
  • Owen Ballow, Indian Brook Trout Farm, President
  • Chelsea Berg, National Sea Grant, Office Program Officer
  • Doug Buhler, Michigan State University, Director of AgBioResearch
  • Kevin Donner, Fisheries Program, Natural Resources Department Great Lakes Fisheries, Program Manager
  • Patrick Doran, The Nature Conservancy, Director of Conservation
  • Jeff Dwyer, Michigan State University Extension, Director of MSU Extension
  • Ed Eisch, Michigan Department of Natural Resources – ­Fisheries Fish Production, Program Manager
  • Tom Gorenflo, Chippewa Ottawa Resource Authority, Director
  • Denny Grinold, Fish ‘N’ Grin Charters and Mich. Charter Boat Assn., Owner, Director of Government Relations
  • Stephen Hsu, Michigan State University, VP for Research and Graduate Studies
  • Dave Ivan, Michigan State University Extension, Program Leader
  • Chris Kolb, Michigan Environmental Council, President
  • Frank Krist, Lake Huron Citizen Advisory Committee Chair
  • Robert Lambe, Great Lakes Fishery Commission, Executive Secretary
  • Debbie Lee, NOAA GLERL, Director
  • Carl Lindquist, Superior Watershed Partnership and Land Trust, Executive Director
  • Tammy Newcomb, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Senior Water Policy Advisor
  • Jonathan Overpeck, School for Environment & Sustainability, Dean
  • Amber Mae Petersen, Michigan Fish Producers Association, President
  • David Poulson, Knight Center for Environmental Journalism, Senior Associate Director
  • Gerard Santoro, Macomb Co., Planning & Economic Development Dept. Senior Planner -­ Land & Water Res. Group
  • Mike Reed, Detroit Zoological Society, Curator of Education
  • Hans Van Sumeren, Great Lakes Water Studies Institute, Director
  • Dan Vogler, Harrietta Hills Trout Farm, Owner
  • Cynthia Wilbanks, University of Michigan, Vice President for Government Relations