Freshwater Feasts

Michigan Sea Grant’s food blog, Freshwater Feasts, is packed with Great Lakes seafood recipes, cooking tips, restaurant highlights, guest posts from fisheries researchers, and more! Get inspired by easy, healthy recipes or figure out where to find a tasty whitefish dish on your next Michigan road trip.

It’s all freshwater species, all the time.

Smoked cisco chowder

Ellen George is a “big fan of eating what you study.” In her case, that means the tasty Great Lakes cisco.

A twist on the reuben

Ann Arbor’s Avalon Bakery and Cafe serves a fishy twist on the classic reuben sandwich.

Salmon 101

Cindy Hudson encourages other cooking neophytes to try this easy salmon recipe.

A whole "Lota" deep-fried burbot

A deep-fried burbot recipe from Twitter’s very own “Grumpy Burbot.”