Heather Triezenberg


As Associate Director and Program Leader for Michigan Sea Grant, Dr. Heather Triezenberg coordinates the Sea Grant Extension Program through Michigan State University (MSU) Extension’s Community, Food & Environment Institute. As a member of the Michigan Sea Grant Management Team, Triezenberg guides integrated program planning, implementation, evaluation, partnerships and collaborations, and pre-/post-award activities. She joined Michigan Sea Grant in 2014 as an Extension Specialist and Program Coordinator and was named Associate Director in 2022.

Dr. Triezenberg has a faculty appointment in the MSU Fisheries and Wildlife Department where she conducts social science research. Her work explores how stakeholders perceive risks related to a variety of Great Lakes issues and community-engaged approaches for Extension, outreach, and engagement scholarship. She is an affiliate of the MSU Institute of Water Research, and a board member to the MSU Quantitative Fisheries Center and the MSU Institute of Water Research.  

Heather is a graduate of the Great Lakes Leadership Academy Advancement Program focusing on leading for the common good. She is past chair (2021-2022) of the Assembly of Sea Grant Extension Program Leaders, which included being a liaison to NOAA’s National Sea Grant Advisory Board, the Sea Grant Association Network Advisory Council, and ex-officio member of the Sea Grant Association Program Mission Committee. She previously served as chair-elect (2019-2020) and an at-large member (2016-2017) of the Assembly of Sea Grant Extension Program Leaders. Heather was a member of the National Estuarine Research Reserve System Board Science Collaborative Advisory Board from 2017-2022. She has received numerous honors and awards, including the Association of Natural Resource Extension Professionals gold award for a referred journal article, NASA-MSU for early career scholars fellowship, and a MSU Extension meritorious service award.

  • Ph.D. Natural Resources Policy and Management, 2010, Cornell University
  • M.S. Fisheries and Wildlife Management, 2006, Michigan State University
  • B.S. Fisheries and Wildlife Management, 2002, Michigan State University

(nee Van Den Berg)

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Heather Triezenberg

Heather Triezenberg

Associate Director and Program Leader

Pronouns: she/her

(517) 353-5508

Michigan Sea Grant Extension
Justin S. Morrill Hall of Agriculture
446 W. Circle Drive, Annex Room 73
East Lansing, MI 48823-5243

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