Logo Guidelines

  • The Michigan Sea Grant logo is designed to match the identity system of the NOAA-National Sea Grant College Program. This system was developed to create a clear and consistent national identity. The Michigan Sea Grant logo is the property of Michigan Sea Grant College Program.
  • The Michigan logo is used to identify research, outreach and education initiatives, including publications, presentations, partnerships and projects.
  • General guidelines for logo size, appearance and colors is below. Please obtain permission from Michigan Sea Grant prior to using the logo. Permission will be granted on a case by case basis.
  • Use the specified font and color.
  • Use the logo at 1 inch or larger.
  • Use the logo with a solid white, black or blue background, do not add background graphic elements.
  • Maintain the exact proportions of all the logo the elements, do not elongate or stretch.

Size, appearance and colors

black MISG logo
blue MISG logo
One color, black (k)
One color, blue
(pantone 294)

When the background color prohibits use of the entire logo (box, bird, words), you may use just the bird and the words, either in black type or reverse type.

Please: Do not use the logo less than 1 inch wide.

This logo example is too small
blue MISG logo
This is not OK
This is OK

Do not apply graphic elements behind the logo or over it.

Do not add elements behind logo

Do not alter the proportions by widening or elongating.

stretched logo example

Do not use the seabird or logotype separately.

solo bird is not acceptable

Michigan Sea Grant logo with a boxed background


Michigan State University

University of Michigan

  • Identity Guidelines

If you need a different format, contact Michigan Sea Grant at (734) 764-2421, or Email: msgpubs@umich.edu