Michigan Coastal Management Fellow Liz Durfee is featured in the October edition of the NOAA Coastal Services Center newsletter Fellow News. Durfee was nominated for the NOAA fellowship by Michigan Sea Grant and works with Michigan Sea Grant as well as the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality – Office of the Great Lakes.

From the article:

“For her fellowship, Liz is identifying the challenges and opportunities that confront the state’s working waterfront communities. She is also contributing to the development of a website of resources through the National Working Waterfront Network. In addition, Liz is developing a toolkit of resources for Michigan that will highlight different strategies communities are using to protect waterfronts and water-dependent uses. Liz works closely with both the Michigan Coastal Management Program and Michigan Sea Grant.
The state’s 3,200-plus miles of coastline have spawned many working waterfronts and a wide range of complex issues. “Wrapping my head around ‘working waterfronts’ has been a challenge but also really interesting, because this issue is up and coming in Michigan and gaining a lot of attention at the national level.”

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