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It’s now easier than ever for marina owners and operators to help protect water quality. The online Clean Marina Classroom has been updated to include certification standards from many Great Lakes states, applicable to marinas in Michigan, as well as the Great Lakes region and beyond.

New Features of the Online Course:

  • Regional best management practices are identified and aligned with the Great Lakes Clean Marina Best Management Practices Guide;
  • Updated state and federal laws, including those from Great Lakes states and other participants;
  • More photographs and examples of best practices in the Great Lakes region.

See: www.cleanmarinaclassroom.org

The Classroom consists of nine educational units that focus on various aspects of marina operation and maintenance. Each unit outlines best management practices and practical ways to implement them. Completing the Classroom is a key part in becoming certified.

The training course was initially based on the Michigan Clean Marina Guidebook, used by marinas as part of the certification process since 2004. This updated, regional Classroom was developed as part of a Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Green Marina project grant. This project fostered collaboration throughout the Great Lakes and beyond to identify best management practices that are key in protecting and maintaining water quality.

What is a Clean Marina?
A Clean Marina is a marina that has voluntarily pledged to maintain and improve waterways by reducing or eliminating releases of harmful substances and phasing out practices that can damage aquatic environments. Participants work through a certification process that includes training, a self-evaluation and a site visit.

Why Certify Marinas?
Marinas are a vital part of communities for boaters and non-boaters alike. As gateways to our waterway recreation, marinas are economic contributors and they can act to protect waterfront environments. Certified Clean Marinas go above and beyond required measures to minimize the environmental impacts of boating. Certification designates that the marina owner or operator has pledged, learned and implemented best management practices.

The Michigan Clean Marina Program is open to all public and private marinas. The program promotes environmentally sound marina and boating practices to reduce pollution, enhance fish and wildlife habitat and protect water quality. For more information, see: www.michigancleanmarina.org



The Great Lakes Clean Marina initiative is part of the Green Marina Education and Outreach project focused on reducing or eliminating pollution from entering the Great Lakes through boating and marina activities. The Green Marina project is a strategic collaboration between Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin Sea Grant programs to support education and outreach efforts across the Great Lakes states and is supported by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

For more information, see: www.michiganseagrant.org/greenmarina