Teaching Great Lakes Science (www.greatlakeslessons.com) has been selected to be the Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN) Site of the Month for November 2013!

The Teaching Great Lakes Science website offers ready-to-use lessons and data sets focused on real-world, Great Lakes issues. For example, visitors to the site will find information about heat source and sink, microclimates, lake effect snow, ice cover, water temperatures, wind, sun and seasonal temperature changes, fish and fish habitat, natural resources management and careers, beach health and more.

By offering real-world data in a classroom-friendly format and using a guided-inquiry approach, Teaching Great Lakes Science provides teachers with methods that support students summarizing knowledge, analyzing data and evaluating findings.

The updated and streamlined Teaching Great Lakes Science was launched earlier this year along with another great education tool: Great Lakes FieldScope. Developed in partnership with National Geographic Education, FieldScope is a new interactive web-based mapping, analysis and collaboration tool that helps bring the lessons in Teaching Great Lakes Science alive.

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About GLIN Site of the Month
Others that have been honored with the GLIN Site of the Month designation include websites for the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New York and Wisconsin; the U.S. EPA-Great Lakes National Program Office; New York State’s Seaway Trail; the St. Lawrence Seaway; and many more.