Examining_plankton_sampleStudents from Ypsilanti New Tech High School (YNT) are partnering with a research team to address climate change issues. The outreach team includes the University of Michigan Center for Engineering Diversity and Outreach (College of Engineering) and Michigan Sea Grant (School of Natural Resources and Environment).

The YNT students were asked to analyze claims made about climate change and water quality in the Great Lakes from a variety of perspectives. Reflecting on claims made by biologists, chemists and climate scientists, as well as by economists, public policy makers and historians, the students have been challenged to weigh the evidence (data) being made to support claims made by different disciplines and make decisions as to whether or not the information is credible, and thus, believable.

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This initiative was part of the Climate Impacts on Great Lakes Water Quality project. This project, supported by NSF, includes 16 co-investigators, students and others, including Michigan Sea Grant, which is leading the outreach and education component.