Each March, the Michigan Science Teachers Association hosts a conference for educators to network with colleagues, share resources, and learn new ways to engage their students. Michigan Sea Grant is proud to help sponsor this annual event, where we usually enjoy meeting educators and sharing our resources with them in person. This year, while we couldn’t meet face-to-face, we sponsored several teachers to attend the virtual conference. Here’s what educator Sherry Claflin said about the experience:

“The MSTA Conference is a must for science teachers! Even though the conference was remote instead of face to face this year, there were quality sessions and speakers to hear from and interact with. I was specifically looking for more ways to connect and enhance the learning of my students, both in person and remote. I am encouraged to have so many colleagues willing to help with resources and ideas. I certainly appreciated the ready-to-use activities offered by so many of the sessions. I have new ideas about what my expectations are; I’m not looking for the ‘right answer’ but the creative thinking behind those answers. I know that offering my students activities on how to solve real-world problems of climate change and environmental issues will help them develop both critical and creative thinking skills.”

The Michigan Science Teachers Association is a great resource for formal and informal educators; we’re already looking forward to next year’s conference.