Listening to podcasts is an excellent way to learn about Great Lakes topics, from mysterious crayfish invasions to diving for shipwrecks.

Introduced, produced by Wisconsin Sea Grant, focuses on aquatic invasive species. Hosts Bonnie Willison and Sydney Widell tour an invasive carp barrier site, talk to a bait shop owner in a town transformed by rainbow smelt, and test how easy it is to order invasive aquatic plants online. Their second season recently launched, so now is a great time to start listening.

Teach Me About the Great Lakes comes from Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant. The show is hosted by Assistant Director Stuart Carlton — a self-proclaimed “Great Lakes novice” — and a rotating crew of his colleagues. Hear interviews with researchers and experts about indigenous allyship, microplastics, meteotsunamis, and more. You’ll also learn where to find some of the best sandwiches and donuts around the Great Lakes.

Listen to Introduced and Teach Me About the Great Lakes online by clicking on the links above, or search for them on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, or a favorite podcasting app.