Commercial fishers loading their catch from the fishing vessel onto a truck for processing

Loading the morning catch onto a truck for processing.

Coming soon to mailboxes in the magazine Fisheries — and available online now — is an article by Michigan Sea Grant’s Lauren Jescovitch, together with co-authors Sharon Moen, Fatima Abldl-Haleem, and Titus Seilheimer, entitled “The Great Lakes Future Fishers Initiative: Supporting the Next Generation of Great Lakes Commercial Fishing and Seafood Processing Industries.”

As the article states, “Commercial fisheries and fish processors are a vibrant part of Great Lakes heritage and legacy and continue to be important to the regional and local economy. They benefit the U.S. food system, human health, and the economic and social well-being of the coastal communities where they operate and beyond.”

The authors present an apprenticeship framework to help bolster the number of new commercial fishers, fish processors, and fisheries managers around the Great Lakes.

Fisheries is the monthly magazine of the American Fisheries Society, the oldest and largest professional society representing fisheries scientists. It features peer-reviewed technical articles on all aspects of aquatic resource-related subjects, as well as articles on professional issues, new ideas and approaches, policy, education, economics, administration, and law.

The article is expected to be published in the January 2024 issue of Fisheries.