Earth Science

Just like it sounds, Earth science is the field of study related to our planet. Earth science encompasses many fields, but formally focuses on atmosphere, water, oceans as well as solid ground. Earth scientists use many tools, borrowing from different disciplines like chemistry, physics and math to build a structured way of understanding how the world, as a planet with many systems, works. See: Lessons

Life Science

Life science is the field of study focused on living organisms, such as plants, animals and human beings. Biology is often the first type of life science that comes to mind, but life science is a broad field of study that can encompass everything from sports science to biomechanics to anatomy and neuroscience. See: Lessons

Physical Science

Physical science is the study of physics and the chemistry of nature. This field focuses on things like energy, the principles of sound, electricity and heat, temperature and transfer. See: Lessons

Social Science

Social science is the scientific study of humans and our relationships, including the relationships we have with the natural world. In fact, as humans, we are very connected to our surroundings. We depend on nature not just for the essentials it provides us like food, shelter and water — but also as a restorative salve. See: Lessons