Water Quality (Data Set)

Summary: Various measurements from Lake Erie can be used to explore algae blooms. A variety of parameters can be used for nearshore (littoral) to offshore (pelagic) comparisons and for exploring the relationships among parameters.

Note: For a question to be testable, the locality, time, and variables must be specific.

View the Data: water_quality.xlsx

Great Lakes algal bloom from a satellite image
Figure 1. Satellite image showing algae blooms and sediment inputs in Lake Erie

General Questions:

  • Is there a relationship between pH and alkalinity (Dissolved CO2)?
  • Is there a relationship between turbidity and Secchi depth?
  • Does the water quality change between the nearshore and offshore environments?
  • Is there a relationship between light and chlorophyll measurements?
  • Does water temperature change between nearshore and offshore environments?