Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature in Lake Erie

These data sets contain physical, chemical and biological data that were collected by International Field Years on Lake Erie program (IFYLE) cruises.

View the Data: DO_Temp.xlsx

In this data set, samples were taken from six stations along Lake Erie in September 2005. Latitude and longitude are indicated, as are depth in meters, dissolved oxygen (DO2) in milligram per liter (mg/L) and temperature in Celsius (C).

Sample Inquiry Questions

Note: For a question to be testable, the locality, time, and variables must be specific.

  • At what depth is the thermocline in graph from May 3; June 2; June 28; September 21, 2005?
  • Does the thermocline become deeper or shallower as time passes? Why?
  • Is the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water directly related to or inversely related to water temperature
  • Does every month have thermal stratification?

View the Data: DO_Temp_Fluor.xlsx

This data set contains dissolved oxygen, temperature and fluorescence in the central basin (Buoy #7) of Lake Erie from May-September 2005.

Data Source: International Field Year on Lake Erie (IFYLE), NOAA GLERL